GREAT NEWS: CT Labeling Bill…

GREAT NEWS! Connecticut’s GMO labeling bill is back on track after talks and negotiations and goes to the House of Representatives for a vote after this weekend.

Everything looks like Connecticut will be able to pull this one off.  Connecticut very well may be the first state to pass a GMO labeling law.

This has been a rocky ride for Connecticut, but they were able to pull things back on track every time they were met with a challenge.

We’d like to thank all our app users who helped to support Connecticut by signing the petition and calling Connecticut’s Governor Malloy and House Speaker Sharkey.

If this GMO labeling law passes in Connecticut, it will set a precedent and help to open the door for labeling laws across the country.

Now we must continue to be steadfast and vigilant so that if Connecticut’s labeling bill passes, the success cannot be blocked by Monsanto.

Monsanto has already positioned itself in two very devious ways that could potentially undermine the success of Connecticut’s labeling law even if it passes.

Please visit the ‘Petitions’ tab inside your LabelGMO app and sign the two petitions that are currently posted there.  In case you haven’t downloaded the app yet, here are the links to the petitions:

Stop the Monsanto Protection Act:

Protect states’ rights to label GMOs:

Be sure to sign BOTH petitions, because they are for two different pieces of legislation.

The first petition is to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act, which was passed into law in March and prohibits courts from stopping the sale and planting of illegal GMO seed.

The second petition asks members of the House of Representatives to please strike the King amendment from the House version of the 2013 Farm Bill.

If this amendment is not stricken from the Farm Bill, it could take away a state’s power to create GMO labeling laws for their state and could render any existing labeling laws null and void.

Please take the time to visit the ‘Petitions’ tab in your LabelGMO app to gain access to these two very important petitions.

If you spread the word, we’ll help educate everyone.  Use the “Spread the Word” button in this app to tell your friends and family about GMOs and the LABEL GMO app.

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The Team at LABEL GMO