Vermont GMO Labeling Bill Needs Our Help

VermontLast Friday, May 10th, 2013, the Vermont House of Representatives passed H.112, a GMO labeling law, by a vote of 99-42.  This is the furthest any GMO labeling bill has made it through the legislative process in the US.

Next, it must pass the Vermont Senate.  However, as these things often go, the timing on this presents an interesting caveat.

While the bill passed on Friday, the Senate’s session ended this weekend.  This means that the Senate will not be voting on this bill until January, 2014.

So how can we use this to our advantage?

We want to turn the country’s focus to Vermont and put positive pressure on their Senate between now and January, 2014 when they vote.

It’s important to know that whether or not you live in Vermont, the Vermont bill effects all of us in the US.  If it passes, it will make it easier to get bills passed in other states.

Also, if companies must label for Vermont, they will most likely keep the same labels throughout the entire US.  This is what happened when New Jersey required special labeling on bottled water.

No matter what state you live in, start talking about what is happening in Vermont.  Let’s get the entire country paying attention to the action of the Vermont senators.  Vermont needs each and every one of us in the country to stand behind and push for this bill to pass.

This is a grassroots movement.  We can’t accomplish this without the collective power of the people.  Keep what’s happening in Vermont in your day to day conversations with the people that you meet.

This is great news in the fight against GMOs, but the battle has just begun.  Keep spreading the word about the seriousness of this issue.  We can’t stop until everyone on the planet know what’s going on.

If you spread the word, we’ll help educate everyone.  Use the “Spread the Word” button in this app to tell your friends and family about GMOs and the LABEL GMO app.

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The Team at LABEL GMO