Prop 37

Prop 37 ELECTION NEWS: Moms and Dads Send Up Biplanes Over California

“YES” on Prop 37 has moms and dads across the entire country pooling their hard earned money to rent biplanes that will carry the message: “MOMS & DADS SAY… VOTE ‘YES’ ON PROP 37.”

“As folks find out that their food has been genetically altered so that it has insecticide inside the food they’re eating, which means it cannot be washed off, they become outraged and want to do all they can to get GMO foods labeled,” says Diana Reeves, founder of

It may be hard to believe but these foods are not regulated, controlled or tested for safety by the FDA.  Safety is determined only by the manufacturer, and the main producer of GMO crops and food is Monsanto, who’s misled the public in the past by marketing DDT, Agent Orange and PCBs as safe when they knew they were deadly.

“After years of failing to get politicians to take action, it became clear that the only way to get genetically altered foods labeled in the US was to do it through a grassroots movement, with everyday people. Moms, dads, nurses, doctors, farmers, even the scientists who have warned of GMO dangers for nearly 2 decades are getting behind Prop 37,” adds Reeves. “We’re doing all we can to get the message out that we are THE PEOPLE looking out for THE PEOPLE.”

“It’s important that folks know Monsanto twists the truth; they’re lying about the safety of these foods just like they did with DDT, Agent Orange and PCBs,” adds Yannick Phillips, California State Grange’s Legislative Outreach Advocate for Farmers and Consumers.

Independent scientific research has linked genetically altered foods to infertility, autism, ADHD, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, nearly fatal allergic reactions, liver and kidney damage, massive tumors and cancer. That’s why 61 countries label or outright ban GMO foods.

“It’s shocking that countries like China, India, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Russia, along with the other 61 countries, recognize the dangers of GMO foods but the US has not even been able to get them labeled,” adds Mike Mittenburg, one of the most active members at

Of all the developed countries, the US and Canada are the only countries that don’t label or ban GM foods. It’s estimated that 70-80% of the average American’s diet contains GMOs.

Interestingly, Americans fall behind most developed countries when it comes to health.

America’s sharp decline in health since the mid 1990s matches up perfectly with the introduction of GMO foods in 1996.  GMO foods were silently slipped into the US food supply nearly 2 decades ago.

Those blocking GMO food labeling in the US are the big chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

“It’s not hard to see their ‘not-so-hidden’ agenda. In fact, these mega corporations have thrown over $45 million dollars into a misleading TV ad campaign to try to confuse Californian voters, while those that are behind Prop 37 and labeling are real people – smart people, many are doctors and scientists,” says Phillips.

On a positive note, GMO food labeling did not raise taxes or food costs in any of the other 61 countries that label GM foods, and an independent analysis revealed that at most GMO food labeling will cost Californians about a penny per person.

“We hope we’ve been able to get the word out to all the people of California.  The biplanes are there to let anyone who hasn’t heard from us yet know that Prop 37 is for the people and those behind it are everyday moms and dads deeply concerned about the health and well being of themselves and their loved ones,” says Reeves.

Kate Bernhardt