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Prop 37 ELECTION NEWS: Moms and Dads Send Up Biplanes Over California

“YES” on Prop 37 has moms and dads across the entire country pooling their hard earned money to rent biplanes that will carry the message: “MOMS & DADS SAY… VOTE ‘YES’ ON PROP 37.”

“As folks find out that their food has been genetically altered so that it has insecticide inside the food they’re eating, which means it cannot be washed off, they become outraged and want to do all they can to get GMO foods labeled,” says Diana Reeves, founder of

It may be hard to believe but these foods are not regulated, controlled or tested for safety by the FDA.  Safety is determined only by the manufacturer, and the main producer of GMO crops and food is Monsanto, who’s misled the public in the past by marketing DDT, Agent Orange and PCBs as safe when they knew they were deadly.

“After years of failing to get politicians to take action, it became clear that the only way to get genetically altered foods labeled in the US was to do it through a grassroots movement, with everyday people. Moms, dads, nurses, doctors, farmers, even the scientists who have warned of GMO dangers for nearly 2 decades are getting behind Prop 37,” adds Reeves. “We’re doing all we can to get the message out that we are THE PEOPLE looking out for THE PEOPLE.”

“It’s important that folks know Monsanto twists the truth; they’re lying about the safety of these foods just like they did with DDT, Agent Orange and PCBs,” adds Yannick Phillips, California State Grange’s Legislative Outreach Advocate for Farmers and Consumers.

Independent scientific research has linked genetically altered foods to infertility, autism, ADHD, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, nearly fatal allergic reactions, liver and kidney damage, massive tumors and cancer. That’s why 61 countries label or outright ban GMO foods.

“It’s shocking that countries like China, India, France, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Russia, along with the other 61 countries, recognize the dangers of GMO foods but the US has not even been able to get them labeled,” adds Mike Mittenburg, one of the most active members at

Of all the developed countries, the US and Canada are the only countries that don’t label or ban GM foods. It’s estimated that 70-80% of the average American’s diet contains GMOs.

Interestingly, Americans fall behind most developed countries when it comes to health.

America’s sharp decline in health since the mid 1990s matches up perfectly with the introduction of GMO foods in 1996.  GMO foods were silently slipped into the US food supply nearly 2 decades ago.

Those blocking GMO food labeling in the US are the big chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

“It’s not hard to see their ‘not-so-hidden’ agenda. In fact, these mega corporations have thrown over $45 million dollars into a misleading TV ad campaign to try to confuse Californian voters, while those that are behind Prop 37 and labeling are real people – smart people, many are doctors and scientists,” says Phillips.

On a positive note, GMO food labeling did not raise taxes or food costs in any of the other 61 countries that label GM foods, and an independent analysis revealed that at most GMO food labeling will cost Californians about a penny per person.

“We hope we’ve been able to get the word out to all the people of California.  The biplanes are there to let anyone who hasn’t heard from us yet know that Prop 37 is for the people and those behind it are everyday moms and dads deeply concerned about the health and well being of themselves and their loved ones,” says Reeves.

Kate Bernhardt

Media Backlash: Dr. Oz and GMOs

Huge media backlash, some say, after Dr. Oz closes his segment on GMOs, their potential dangers, safety, California’s Prop 37 and the possible labeling of GMO foods.

So what exactly happened?

Well first, let’s get a few things cleared up right off the bat.  This is clearly a case of semantics.

So, let’s look at the definition of the words ENDORSE and ENDORSEMENT before we continue (definitions provided by Google).

Now, with the definitions of endorse and endorsement under our belt, we can easily determine exactly what happened.

During the October 17, 2012 Dr. Oz Show, a segment on GMO foods aired.  GMO foods are foods that are or contain ingredients that come from plants whose seeds have been genetically altered / genetically engineered (GE) which results in a genetically modified organism (a GMO).

If this is the first you’ve heard about GMOs, you may like to know that foods that are genetically engineered and processed foods that contain ingredients that have been genetically engineered are not labeled in the USA.

They are, however, labeled, and in some cases even banned, in over 40 other countries including China, Japan, Switzerland,  Peru, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, India and parts of Africa.

The European Union Labels GMOs

Today, there’s a huge controversy blazing across the U.S. as Americans finally become aware of the fact that 70% – 80% of processed food in America contains GMOs.

Additionally, Walmart carries fresh ears of GMO corn in their produce section.

Nearly 90% of all corn, soy, and sugar beets are genetically modified.

Most people don’t realize that unless an ingredient list says “CANE sugar,” the sugar comes from sugar beets and those beets are most likely GMO sugar beets. Yep, GMO sugar beets sweeten most food on the market, today.

Yes, even GMO salmon may soon be at your store or on your plate when you’re eating at the nearby restaurant.

GMO papaya, canola and zucchini are a few other GMO foods already in grocery stores and restaurants, today.

How GMOs silently crept into America’s food supply in the 1990’s is quite a story in and of itself, so I’ll keep that for a different post.

Why the controversy?

Aside from the religious ramifications of genetically tampering with life (i.e. crossing the DNA of a human with a plant, or a spider with a goat, or a cow with a pig, and oh, yes, these things have already been done; I’m NOT making this up) why should we be concerned?

Well, to answer that question I’d need numerous posts, to say the least, but in short, one reason is that third party research studies have shown tremendous cause for concern.

Additionally, when looking at  America’s sharp increase in infertility, autism, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, diabetes, and cancer, scientists see that this increase correlates perfectly with the introduction of GMO foods into the American food supply.

But I digress… let’s get back to what happened on The Dr. Oz Show.

Dr. Oz opened the show with the following disclaimer…

“Now, for the sake of full disclosure, my wife, Lisa, was a narrator on Jeffrey’s film.”

Oz was referring to Jeffrey Smith, an author and filmmaker dedicated to bringing awareness regarding the dangers of GMO foods.

Lisa Oz, wife of Dr. Mehmet Oz
Narrator of the Documentary Film
GENETIC ROULETTE: The Gamble of Our Lives

BTW:  You can watch the fascinating new documentary film that Lisa Oz, Dr. Oz’s wife, narrates, FREE online thru October 31st, 2012.  It’s called GENETIC ROULETTE: The Gamble of Our Lives.  The film is available to stream for FREE online at up to and through October 31st.

After Oz’s disclaimer, the GMO segment started with Oz hearing from the creator of the film, GENETIC ROULETTE, as well as, Dr. Robin Bernoff, a past president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, as they shared the danger signs that they feel are cause for alarm.

In the second half of the segment, a representative from the biotech industry, the industry that does genetic engineering and creates and produces GMO seeds, organisms and animals, spoke.

An interesting caveat, the biotech industry would not agree to let their representative appear on “stage” with Jeffrey Smith or Dr. Robin Bernoff. So after they spoke they both left the “stage” before she spoke, which did not create an opportunity for them to comment on what she had to say.

Hummmm?!?! Interestingly, neither Smith nor Bernoff were given time to comment again after the biotech rep spoke.

After hearing both sides, Dr. Oz announced that after the commercial break he would share the results of the poll that was conducted on

Oz said…

“We asked you, ‘If given the choice between eating genetically modified foods and those that aren’t, which would you choose?’  Your answer when we return.”

–  Dr. Oz

Now, the data from the poll is truly significant (which I’ll share with you in a moment), but the defining moment of the show was when Oz gave his comments to the poll.

So after hearing from both sides, the side that says GMOs are safe (the biotech representative’s opinion) and the side that says there’s alarming reason for concern and therefore GMOs need to be labeled until more testing is done to prove their safety, because people should have a right to know what they are eating, and be able to choose not to buy GMO foods if they wish to avoid them, Oz closed the segment with words that rocked the world and started a media backlash, as some have called it.

Here’s what he said…

“We’re back, discussing what you can do about genetically modified food, today.

Now, when we took a poll online at, we found that overwhelming 91% of you would prefer purchasing NON-genetically modified food, if you were given the choice.

So, if you want to know if your food is genetically modified, I believe you should have that right.

Since I’m unaware of any sound data on long-term effects of genetically modified food in humans, that we learned today, I prefer to be cautious.”

 – Dr. Oz

With that statement, Americans who’ve been working to bring awareness to the potential dangers of GMOs happily rejoiced.

However, at the same time, it appeared that the biotech industry, (those that create GMO seeds and other GM foods for consumption) rushed to do ‘damage control’ because…

the “word on the street” went something like this “Oz did NOT make an endorsement statement.”

Now, if all you heard in the news was something like, “Oz did NOT endorse GMO labeling” or “Oz did NOT make an endorsement statement” then you could have easily been misled.

So, I’ve written this article to clear up the confusion and keep those in the media that are great at spinning a headline to sound like what didn’t happen did happen, from misleading you.

Let’s set the record straight, right now.

What Dr. Oz DID say is….

“We’re back, discussing what you can do about genetically modified food, today.

Now, when we took a poll online at, we found that overwhelming 91% of you would prefer  purchasing NON-genetically modified food, if you were given the choice.

So, if you want to know if your food is genetically modified, I believe you should have that right.

Since I’m unaware of any sound data on long-term effects of genetically modified food in humans, that we learned today, I prefer to be cautious.”

 – Dr. Oz

Now, below I’ve listed the  definitions of endorse and endorsement from Google, once again:

Despite what the media says… you can make your own conclusions…. but regardless of semantics and regardless of the words endorse and endorsement, I think we are all smart enough to know what Dr. Oz was saying when he said…

“We’re back, discussing what you can do about genetically modified food, today.

Now, when we took a poll online at, we found that overwhelming 91% of you would prefer purchasing NON-genetically modified food, if you were given the choice.

So, if you want to know if your food is genetically modified, I believe you should have that right.

Since I’m unaware of any sound data on long-term effects of genetically modified food in humans, that we learned today, I prefer to be cautious.”

 – Dr. Oz

The question is… Do YOU want to know what you’re eating?  Would you prefer, like Dr. Oz, to be cautious?

If you’d like to watch this Dr. Oz segment for yourself, while it is still up on you can watch it here.  It’s in a 3 Part video series, Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. (If you click these links and get an error message, that means the videos of this episode of Dr. Oz are no longer available on his website.)

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P.S. Corn and Soy are found in just about any food these days (soy oil, corn oil, vegetable oil, vegetable protein, natural flavors, MSG and even the little capsules that are veggie capsules are most probably from GMO ingredients… the list goes on and on).

P.P.S.  BT – GMO Corn (a type of GMO corn)  is genetically modified so that part of the DNA of a pesticide producing bacterium is infused into the DNA of corn.

When the plant grows the entire plant manufactures pesticide inside of each and every cell of the corn plant… yes, even the corn itself.

When a bug eats the corn, the pesticide causes the bug’s stomach to rupture.  Experts believe that this is linked to many of the digestive illnesses as well as the autoimmune diseases, ADHD, and autism that are occurring in massive numbers throughout the USA.

P.P.P.S. Click here to see video footage from a Peer-Reviewed, 2 Year, French Research Study on GMOs.

Prince Charles Denounces GMOs

According to Prince Charles, GMOs are the “biggest environmental disaster of all time.”

He has good reason to say this.  70% of GMO crops are designed to be Roundup Ready, so that farmers can spray the powerful herbicide Roundup on their crops to kill weeds without killing the corn, soy, canola, etc., that they’re growing.

Roundup, however, is an extremely toxic herbicide.  It kills plants by inhibiting an enzyme that would allow the plant to synthesize the amino acids tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine.  In addition, it promotes disease causing organisms in the soil, which then work to attack the already weakened plant.

Roundup also has serious effects on animals and humans.  For example, it was found that birth defects were up to 70 times higher for farmers who were regularly exposed to Roundup.  When this herbicide is used, it pollutes the environment and drinking water, harming plants, animals, and humans alike in the process.

Neither of these things are good for the environment.  In fact, compared to non-GMO counterparts, pesticide use on GMO crops is 323 million pounds greater in the United States alone.